Introduction by Luke Sky

I have always had an interest in art from the time I was little. As a kid I was drawing constantly and going through art books and taking drawing classes. In highschool I learned to paint with spraycans and got completely obsessed with painting letters and making life size comic figures.

My art is very influenced by the many trips made during my childhood and traveling is still a passion of mine to this day. Visiting South America left a great impression on me as well as Japan, South Korea, Kyrgyztan and many other countries. Whilst I was studying for my bachelor degree in The Hague in 2014 I was selling drawings and paintings and doing commissioned paintings. Because I was getting a larger body of work, I rented a space and turned it into my gallery and had my first solo exhibition there.

During this period I learned many things about setting up exhibitions, selling and creating work, giving workshops and organizing events. I decided after this experience to dedicate my time to becoming a successful professional artist.

I moved to Athens, Greece in 2015. There was and still is a huge street art scene in and around abandoned buildings and entire neighborhoods because of the economic crisis and was a great place for me to hone my mural painting skills and getting immersed by creating works outside. Many Syrian and other refugees fled to Athens and the civil unrest it caused combined with a failing government and being in the middle of all of this had me thinking a lot about my role as an artist in society.

In 2016 I graduated in comic book design in Belgium. My new challenge after graduation was in Morelia, Mexico in 2017-2018. Here I was searching for Mexican outsider artists by teaching workshops in Mexican psychiatric hospitals and prisons.

I’ve also exhibited my drawings and paintings created with the prisoners and patients in a Mexican gallery called Conejo Blanco. After this successfull exhibition I left Mexico and travelled across Japan to explore the countryside and do landscape painting.

This summer I exhibited in Seoul and Rotterdam. Both were very successful shows and proved once more how much I like creating in the city itself and on the spot. 

I currently live and work in Morelia, Mexico. I love painting in the United States as well. I have visited New York in June to explore my options for exhibiting and painting in the States. New York left a huge impression on me. I can see why this place is so influential in the world and has inspired me since I was a teenager playing videogames and being into graffiti. 

My work focuses mainly on female figures, animals, patterns and land/city scapes. The following works are paintings done since 2014 until now.


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